Window Ac

Window air conditioners are undoubtedly the most widely used type of portable air conditioners and as a matter of a fact, of any type of air conditioners out there. They are easy to install and remove, and they provide you with that much needed cool air instantly. They can also be used to dehumidify air only, as well as dehumidifiers and air coolers in one.

window Ac


Energy Efficiency

Daikin advanced heat pump and inverter technologies deliver optimum energy efficiency.

Wide Selection

Daikin’s lineup of residential- and commercial-use heat pump systems fully meet hot water needs for suitable temperature and amount.

Quiet Operations

Unique designs, including inverter-driven compressors and natural convection heat distribution, ensure quiet operation of Daikin indoor and outdoor units.

Integrated Heating and Hot Water

Installation space and costs are greatly reduced with one integrated system for heating and hot water supply.

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